A family run business, ready to go that extra mile

Matahari means sun in Indonesian, literally translated ‘eye of the day’. A very appropriate name if you ask us, because the sun is vital for both products we work with: coffee & cocoa! We are a small family run brokerage firm specialised in these two products we love, working with each in a slightly different manner. 


Over the last two decades we have become specialised in the cocoa industry in Indonesia and China. Presently we know, and in most cases work with, almost all grinding factories in these two countries. We help the local grinders by sourcing the cocoa beans they need and in turn helping them sell their cocoa products for a reasonable price (cake, liquor and butter) in our close network of international traders and the confectionary industries. 


We are specialists in sourcing Indonesian and PNG coffees, focusing on high grade (specialty) Arabica coffees, but doing an increasing volume of Robustas as well.

20+ years of experience has led to a very good network of producers and (local) exporters in these countries. We work only with local producers, cooperatives and exporters.


A Short History

Matahari was originally created at the request of the state owned plantation company of Indonesia (PT Perkebunan Nusantara) to sell the coffee and cocoa from their Javanese (Dutch origin) estates. During the first years we maintained our focus on Indonesian products, quickly expanding our supplier and customer base.

We no longer trade only from Indonesia, as our operations have grown to encompass a much more global focus. With the firm grounding we created in Indonesia, we are now expanding upon the knowledge, skills and lessons learned over the years by working directly with other producers around the world.

Why You Should Choose Us

Personal & Reliable

We aim to add value to our customers by looking at them as partners in business.

We focus on building long lasting relationships with both suppliers and buyers so that we can maintain highly reliable and personal services. We travel multiple times a year across Asia, the US and Europe to regularly visit and work with our partners face to face.


Most of our partners have worked with us for many years. We don’t like to cherry pick, but work with those who want to develop and maintain a trusted relationship with us.

We are committed to our partners and we will support them in any issues that may arise so that business can run as smoothly as possible.


We have shown to be dependable and will keep customers informed of important issues the moment we know about them. We believe that transparency at its core is honesty, and it’s a value that we want to live by. To further substantiate this value we stimulate direct contact between sellers and buyers. Also, we maintain close contact at origin, making the coffee and cocoa products easily traceable and the production methods clear.