Background Info

Flores is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in the province of East Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. The island was given its name, “Cabo de Flores,” by Portuguese explorers in the early sixteenth century.

The island has several active and non active volcanoes which have provided soils that are ideal for coffee production. The coffee trees grow in the districts Manggarai and Ngada at lower altitudes fro Robusta (400 – 1000 m above sea level) and at higher altitudes for arabica (1000 – 1600 m above sea level). The robusta coffees from Flores are best known at the moment. The arabica production and quality has been unstable in the past, giving it a bad name, but this is slowly getting better.

The island does not have its own international port so most coffees are shipped to Java and exported from there.

Technical Details

  • Name: Flores Robusta
  • Area: Manggarai and Ngada districts, Flores, Indonesia
  • Harvest season: July – September
  • Shipping period:  August – May
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What We Offer

We can offer a Flores Robusta from several areas

# Grade 2 (12 – 25 defects) or grade 3 (26 – 44 defects)

# EK or AP

# Conventional or Fair Trade Certified