Background Info

Almost 60% of Indonesia’s arabica coffee’s are produced on the island of Sumatra and they have long been prized by coffee aficionados for their full flavour, magnificently heavy body, and mellow acidity. The arabica plants grow in several different regions of Sumatra, the most Northern of which is an area referred to as the Gayo Mountains. The tropical environment and favourable altitudes (1100 – 1300 m.a.s.l.) of this area produces beautiful, clean coffees with a low acidity. It is a coffee with faint tobacco, cocoa or vanilla notes.

All coffee’s are produced by smallholder farmers, each owning an average of 1 ha. Like in the rest of Indonesia, the farmers hand pick the arabica beans. This allows them to pick only red, ripe cherries to achieve best quality in appearance, aroma and taste. Over the past 10 years many smallholders in the Gayo Mountains have formed cooperatives, which strengthen their position and paved the way to becoming Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

The story goes…
The wet-hulled arabica coffee from Northern Sumatra is referred to as Sumatra Mandheling, this in fact is not correct. Mandheling is a derivation of the name of the Mandailing people from the Tapanuli region of Sumatra, located south of Lake Toba. The story goes that a Japanese soldier, stationed in Sumatra during WWII, enjoyed the coffee there very much and asked a local sumatran where the coffee originated. The man misunderstood the soldiers question and replied by telling him his own ethnicity “Mandailing”. The soldier returned to Sumatra in 1969 as a coffee trader, he started to sell his ‘Mandheling’ coffee and so a trade name was born!

Technical Details

  • Name: Gayo Mandheling Arabica
  • Area: North Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Production method: wet hulled (semi-washed)
  • Varieties: Gayo 1(TimTim), Gayo 2 (Bourbon), 
Ateng (P88), Jember linies
  • Bean size: screen 17/18
  • Harvest season: Sep/Oct – May
  • Shipment period: Oct/Nov – Aug
  • Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade, 
UTZ, Rainforest Alliance
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What We Offer

We can offer beautiful Gayo Mandheling Arabicas. This is generally a good quality coffee and the price will reflect this. 

# Grade 1 (max. 11 defects per 300 g)

# Extra clean with double-picked (DP) or triple-picked (TP)

# Semi-washed, wet hulled

# Conventional or Certified UTZ, Fair Trade, EU Organic and/or USDA Organic