We would love to help you source your Indonesian & PNG coffees!

Matahari specialises in the unique world of Southeast Asian coffees. Our fluent understanding of the Indonesian language and culture gets us to extra special places and allows us to build personal and long-lasting relationships with local farmers, farmer cooperatives and exporters. 

Offering you a network of trusted local partners

Whatever your plans are,  you will always need good and trustworthy local partners. Such a relation has to grow and needs time. With our 25+ years of experience, this is what Matahari can offer you. In most cases we have worked with our local partners for at least 15 years. 

Working to promote local farmers and exporters

We very carefully select our suppliers and do not work with (large international) traders. We only work with self-producing suppliers or local suppliers with close (family) relations to the producing farmers. Through this approach we hope to boost local businesses and offer buyers beautiful high grade coffees. An added bonus is that all coffees we offer are fully traceable.

Providing you with all coffees in the region

Matahari can offer you almost all types of coffee available in Indonesia, including a selection of coffee from the neighbouring state of PNG (and in future East Timor). We focus on the higher grades and certified coffees, as this is the segment in which local producers can best compete with the large traders and properly sustain their livelihoods. 

Regions where we source coffee for you. Click the map below for more information. 

We supply many types of Arabica and Robusta (green) coffee beans, including coffee’s that are certified Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, etc. All products we trade are easily traceable to their exact origin.

Looking to buy green coffee?

We would love to help you access the Indonesian and PNG coffee markets through our extensive local network. We can take care of all communications and negotiations and keep you updated on the latest news concerning expected yields, available qualities and other developments.

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